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Acrogorpon Game Manual


[Menu Navigaton and Usage]

1.) Network

2.) Options

3.) Credits

4.) Exit

5.) Hosting a Server

6.) Console Commands

7.) Customizable text

8.) Special key functions

9.) Troubleshooting

10.) Final Words



Host Game - Allows you to easily setup a dedicated or non dedicated server. [Note: A dedicated server is a server that just focuses strictly on sending data to all clients. When in this mode, you will only be shown a small screen with a console. To host a game and play at the same time you must set dedicated to No.]

Internet Game - Used to search for existing internet games.


Refresh: Upon clicking the Refresh button the game will attempt to connect to the master server. If successful you will then recieve a list of all available games. If an error is encountered, you will be notified via the console. [Note: Pressing the ~ Tilde or Escape key will hide the console screen.]

Favor: Upon clicking the Favor Button the selected server will be added to your favorites list. Favoring an already favorite server will remove it from your favorites list.

Connect: When a server is selected and the Connect button is pressed the game will attempt to connect to the specified server. [Note: Double clicking on the highlighted server will also perform the same action.]


Game: Will allow you to browse through Internet, LAN and Favorites server listings.

Gametype: Allows you to set a filter which specificly searches and displays only the gametype(s) you have set.

Full: Allows you to specify if you want full servers displayed in the server list.

Empty: Allows you to specify if you want empty servers displayed in the server list.


[Note: Clicking on the sorting options will invert the sorting method each time. Example.) A-Z, Z-A]

Server: Sorts server listings by name

Players (Plys): Sorts server listings by the amount of players in the game

Gametype (GT): Sorts server listings by the current gametype

Damage (DMG): Sorts server listings by the current damage setting

Ping: Sorts server listings by ping

Map: Sorts server listings by map




Controls - Allows you to customize your desired controls for the game. Mouse settings and toggle options are also in this section.


Configuration - Used to set any game related settings such as sounds, graphics, and performance.

Sound: Using the sliders and moving them left or right you can adjust the volume intensities of both the music and sound volumes.


Video Resolution: Allows you to change the resolution of the game. [Note: Resolutions that are not supported by your current video card and or monitor, will show as Not Supported.]

Windowed Screen: Allows you to specify if you would like to run the game in full screen or windowed mode.

Player Detail: Specifies the graphical detail of the majority of third person related items, such as players, weapons [Non FPS] and other items.

First Person Detail: Specifies the graphical detail of all first person related graphics.

Map Detail: Specifies the level of detail the map environments will have.

Special Effects: Specifies the amount of special effects you want performed such as smoke, shell casings, debris.

Gore: Allows you to specify how much blood/gore you want to have in the game.

Decal Count: Allows you to specify the maximum amount of bullet holes the game creates.


Player Setup - You can customize any aspects of your player here, ranging from the type of Identity of your character, to your name and even allowing you to customize your crosshair. You can modify the size and color of your crosshair, along with the style of your choice.





Displays a scrolling list of text showing the development credits.




Exits the game to your Windows desktop.




[Hosting a Server]


In order to host a server you must first open/forward port 20187 on both the TCP and UDP protocols. Failing to do so can cause problems such as appearing on the game browser list but being unable to allow clients to connect. Users who attempt to connect to a server that is not properly forwarded will receive a message stating the server is offline.

Server hosts can also setup host specific configuration files to allow quicker customization upon startup. Creating a file named "server.cfg" the host can then add specific console commands to meet their needs.

In addition to the said configuration file, hosts can also create a mapcycle file by the name "mapcycle.cfg" where they can specify the maps that are to be played along with the gametype and additional round specific information.

Below are samples of information that can be used for both server.cfg and mapcycle.cfg files.


If you are having issues hosting a game and your ports have been opened/forwarded you can try the following:
1.) Open the console and type local
2.) Make sure the Public IP and the LAN IP match your current system.
3.) If they do not match, double check the port forwarding, you may also want to check your security software to make sure the game is not being processed in a sandbox mode.
4.) You can also opt to use the following commands incase your IP's do not coincide with your system and your ports are properly being forwarded.

In the console type
local_ip followed by your local ip address

[You must re-host the game if you make any changes to your IP]


[Server.cfg Sample]

set hostname "Test Server"
set c_message_interval "60"
set c_message1 "Welcome to the test server"
set g_message1 "Like our server?"
set g_message2 "Visit our site at"
set log_mode "1"


[Mapcycle.cfg Sample]

map1 "d_f-arena"
set1 g_gametype "elim"
set1 scorelimit "15"
set1 timelimit "10"
set1 c_message1 "Next map is: d_xmas"

map2 "d_xmas"
set2 g_gametype "ctf"
set2 scorelimit "15"
set2 timelimit "10"

map3 "d_f-arena"
set3 g_gametype "dm"
set3 g_fall_damage "0"



[Console Commands]

[Null] - Clears the console
exec [Config name] - Executes a config file
exit [Null] - Exits the game
local [Null] - Displays local information such as public IP, Local IP and Ping
maps [Null] - Lists all available maps
master1 [IP] - Sets the ip of the master server
max_console_data [0-999] - Changes how much data the console will store
players [Null] - Displays a list of all the players currently connected

[Client Specific]
add_favorite [IP Add] - Adds an IP Address to your favorites list
bind [action][key] - Binds an action to a key [Actions: exec, name, say]
bindlist [Null] - Displays your current binds
cl_draw_fps [0,1] - Displays/Hides your FPS
connect [IP Address] - Connects to a specified IP address
d_colored_text [0,1] - Disables custom colored text [Also fixes issues with overlapping text in some formats]
exclusive [0,1] - Changes the display on the monitor to fit the game's resolution [Useful on older systems, may cause graphical artifacts if the game is minimized] [May improve game performance]
images [Null] - Lists all available image pack shortcuts
kill [Null] - Commits suicide
minvert [0,1] - Enables/Disables inverted mouse
mspeed [1-100] - Sets the mouse turning/looking speed
mvolume [0-100] - Sets the games music volume
name [Text] - Players Name
reconnect [Null] - Reconnects you to the last server you visited
save_log [Name] - Saves the console to a log file
sounds [Null] - Lists all available sound pack shortcuts
svolume [0-100] - Sets the games sound volume

[Host Specific]
ban [IP Address] - Bans a specified IP Address
broadcast_mode [0,1] - Specifies whether to communicate with the master server to list your server
c_message_interval [val] - Adjusts the hosts message cycling interval time
c_message1 [Text] - Sets the hosts in-game cycling message
c_message2 [Text] - Sets the hosts in-game cycling message
c_message3 [Text] - Sets the hosts in-game cycling message
g_damage [0-2] - Switches the games damage [Standard, Realistic, Extreme]
g_fall_damage [0,1] - Enables/Disables fall damage
g_gametype [Type] - Changes the gametype [Types: DM, Elim]
g_gravity [Num] - Changes the games gravity
g_message1 [Text] - Sets the hosts joining message
g_message2 [Text] - Sets the hosts joining message
g_nade_damage [0,1] - Enables/Disables self inflicted grenade damage
g_password [Password] - Sets a password
g_speed [Num] - Changes the games speed
g_team_kill [0,1] - Enables/Disables team killing
g_team_respawn [Num] - Changes team games respawn time
hostname [Text] - Hosts Name
kick [Player ID] - Kicks a specified player
log_mode [0,1] - Toggles overwriting/creating new game logs [Hosts]
master_reconnect [Number] - Re-connects to the master server every X amount of minutes if the connection were to be lost
port_warning [0,1] - Hides/Shows the port warning when not properly hosting a server.
scorelimit [Number] - Changes the games scorelimit
timelimit [Number] - Changes the games timelimit
unban [IP Address] - Unbans a specified IP Address



[Customizable text]


Colored Text - Acrogorpon allows you to have customizable text. First we are going to look at one aspect of this, which is color. You can easily create multi-colored text by simply adding a ^ in combination with any number or numeric symbol. For example, if you wanted to have red text you would simply type in the following into any text input area: ^1Your Text Here. Below is a list of all the possible color combinations available in the game. [Note: To use this feature, you must have d_colored_text set to 0 (Default).]

% - Default color
! - Black
@ - Orange
# - Medium Grey
$ - Maroon
& - Blue
* - Very light grey (Almost white)
( - Mustard
) - Dark Blue
_ - Swamp Green
+ - Light Grey
{ - Teal
} - Red Orange
1 - Red
2 - Faded Green
3 - Yellow
4 - Purple Blue
5 - Aqua Blue
6 - Hot Pink
7 - White
8 - Purple
9 - Brown
0 - Green
- - Dark Grey
= - Tan
[ - Dark Green
] - Dark Red


Chat Tokens

Chat tokens are text entries that you can input into your chat text to display various forms of real time information. (Case Sensitive)

#w - Last weapon to hurt you

#e - Last weapon to hurt them

#r - Last person to chat

#t - Last person you killed

#a - Your Health

#s - Your Armor

#d - Last person to kill you

Example.) "My health is #a and my armor is #s" would translate to "My health is 100 and my armor is 100"


Binding Text - The second aspect to customizable text is the ability to bind phrases to any key of your choice. For instance, if we wanted to say Nice Shot whenever we pressed the A key rather than type it out all the time we could bind it. I would simply type the following into the console: bind say A "Text you want here" and then press Enter. If done correctly you should see a message telling you a bind was created. [Note: To bring up the console simply press the ~ Tilde key.]

Binding format: bind say [Key] "Text"  [Note: The text must be inside quotation marks.]



[Special key functions]


The special key has many useful functions  in Acrogorpon. You may want to think of it as an alternate move function just like the alternate attack, but instead of giving you alternate weapon functions it gives you alternate player functions. When you have armor selected in the accessories screen the special key will allow you to perform acrobatic maneuvers such as side flips. Though these moves can be difficult to perform at first. If you have the jetpack selected in the accessories screen, you will be able to utilize it by pressing and holding the special key. Below are listed the ways to perform the acrobatic moves while not having the jetpack selected.


Side flip - The side flip can be performed by tapping either the left and right strafe keys or the right and left strafe keys, followed immediately by pressing the special key. If done correctly you will see the screen spin sideways signifying that you are currently performing the move. [Note: Performing the move constantly has the possibilty of making you dizzy.]



If you receive an error message regarding DirectX you may need to install the DirectX 9 runtime files.

You can get them here


[Final Words]


Following the information above will help you have a more enjoyable experience while playing Acrogorpon. You will also want to keep in mind the weapon outfitting and team selection shortcuts, as they will become useful over time. This help manual will be updated accordingly when new features are added so be sure to check back here. Thank you for the interest in learning more about Acrogorpon and enjoy the game.


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