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Currently available in 2 different formats. Installer and ZIP.



v3.08 Demo Images: [Pending Release]




v3.07.05 Demo Images:


Old Demo Images:



Older Developmental Images:




Welcome to Acrogorpon
Battle your way to the top of the scoreboard in this fast paced competative first person shooter.
Featuring a wide array of real world like weapons such as rifles, sub machine guns, machineguns and more.
Also featuring several unconventional and out of this world weapons such as weapons that will freeze your enemy to a halt, weapons that will make your enemy vomit violently, and weapons you can simply cook your enemy well done with.
You can top that off by equipping yourself with an accessory of your choosing to help you destroy the competition such as armor, a jetpack and even a gravity modulator.
When you have your arsenal selected compete online in several team and non team based gametypes such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, or try something different and unique with gametypes like Vendetta. In Vendetta you play as an escaped mental patient who is out looking for blood.
Each game offers a series of detailed stats informing the player how well they did and who the ones to beat are. Are you ready for the competition?



Any of the following tools and/or features may change at any time before being released.


** General Features **
16 Damage/Limb Seperation Zones
Customizable Text
Bindable Configuration System
Extensive Voting Options
In-game Admin Commands
Game Customization
Widescreen and Non Widescreen Support (16:9, 4:3)

** Demo Specific Features **
10 Weapons ranging from Machineguns and Rifles to Grenades and Hammers
3 Multiplayer maps
4 Gametypes | Deathmatch, Elimination, Capture the Flag, and Level-Up Deathmatch
2 Player accessories | Jetpack and Armor

** Planned Full Release Features **


System Requirements [Demo]

Operating System: Windows Xp or later
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz / Equivalent and above
Memory: 1024 MB
Graphics Card: 128 MB (DirectX 9 compatible)
Disk Space: 800 MB



Changes # 3.07
-Improved loading speed compared to [v3.06]
-Optimized in-game processing to improve frame rate
-Added new gametype [LDM "Level-Up Deathmatch"]
-Added new map "d_scout" [Supports DM, ELIM, LDM]
-Made improvements/Additions to the gameplay
-Updated sound effects
-Reverted back to the original demo 3D player models with additional modifications/touch-ups.
-System Requirements have changed (Raised)
-Sprinting feature was added
-Added Radar to team games

3.07.01 [Patch]
-Added Print Screen as key binding option
-Fixed screenshot binding issue
-Corrected issues with default settings option in controls screen
-Renamed leaning controls for easier clarification
-Fixed miscellaneous code within the menu system
-Fixed issue with leaning [now transitions correctly left to right]
-Fixed syncing for one of the mp related special effects

3.07.02 [Patch]
-Fixed issue causing the sky to clip in certain areas
-Fixed issue with grenade tossing [Self explodes now work again]

3.07.03 [Patch]
-Corrected issue with 3D Player models [Had bulge in necks due to vertex weight issue]
-Fixed issue with CTF gametype
-Optimized game code
-Fixed/Modified radar related items
-Fixed issues with volume and certain sfx
-Fixed archiving mode text [Was not displaying]
-Improved player smoothness when changing directions
-Added default team respawn value [was not setup previously]
-Fixed flag post orientation [Was not facing correct direction]
-Re-positioned/Corrected player limbs to coincide with the weapons in hand
-Optimized 2D Image resizing/positioning
-Corrected weapon recoil when auto switching on empty
-Enhanced/Corrected leaning for more visual accuracy


3.07.04 [Update]
-Fixed ping related system issue causing intermittent lag spikes
-Fixed/Updated team based radar. [Rotations and positioning modified]
-Updated player movement system
-Improved game performance
-Changed death view from third person to first person
-Fixed view related issue that caused a black screen while dead
-Corrected issue with team follow causing jerky rotation and visual artifacts
-Corrected sound issue relating to player landing on a surface
-Corrected issue where player would get stuck and die near narrow corners
-Improved sun visual/sky placement
-Fixed dedicated server console [Would disappear on key press]
-Improved leaning system
-Fixed connection messages [Would not always show when a player disconnected]
-Corrected image/text offsets with certain menus
-Corrected server highlighting in server browser [Was very light previously]
-Made server browsing more user friendly
-LAN servers will now display only via the LAN games filter rather than showing in both the Internet and LAN sections
-Corrected issue with server browser [was not properly displaying multiple pages] [also corrected issue with the next/back buttons for server page navigation]
-Cut off long text in loading screen where the server name is displayed to prevent overlapping
-Modified server logs so that they are easier to read
-Added game damage text in scoreboard
-Games without time limits will now display "No Time Limit" instead of 0:00
-Optimized network code for fast actions [Shooting etc...]
-Corrected inconsistencies with third person clients models
-Modified chatting [Corrects issue with text disappearing after the round has ended]
-Corrected issue with mapcycle files [Not properly cycling after the last map in rotation]
-Misc bug fixes/changes


3.07.05 [Update]
-Drastically improved the in-game performance
-Corrected inconsistencies with gravity and player collision
-Fixed issue in CTF that caused a player to spawn with the opposing teams flag


**Download [Demo] v3.07.05 (Full Download) [Installer]**
File Size: 119 MB


**Download [Demo] v3.07.05 (Full Download) [Zip]**
File Size: 119 MB


**Download [Demo] v3.07.05 (Update) [Zip]**
File Size: 3.55 MB


**Download [Demo] v3.07.05 (Update) [Patch]**
There is no patch for this version


Don't see any servers? Currently there are no dedicated servers for Acrogorpon, however everything necessary for a dedicated server is included with the game. Check out the tutorial section under Acrogorpon for step by step instructions on how to set one up.


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